Friday, February 09, 2007

Bush Brain Scan

Scientists have developed technique which would allow them to look deep into the brain of an individual to determine what there intentions were,before any act would carried out.

Sounds like it would be a good idea for President Bush and Vice President Cheney to have one very soon.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Republican Senators Cave to Bush

The Republlicans in Congress, their leadership and Senator Liberman tonight thwarted a vote by the United States Senate on the Warner - Levin Resolution opposing the troop surge in Iraq. This is another example of lessenes not learned, and why the GOP is doomed suffer the wrath of the voters in November 2008. Bush may be winning small political battles here in the United States, but too many of our young men and women are paying the price which real blood and body parts in Iraq.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Progress on Iraq Resolution

It is very encouraging to see that perhaps progress is being made in Congress on a resolution objecting to the increase in troops for Iraq. Senators Warner, and Levin have apparently come to terms on a resolution which both can support. This should allow for those in the mainstream to support this resolution, in both the House and Senate, and send even a stronger message to the President. One which I would hope he would listen to...although there have been many messages on this subject both from politicians, and the voters, as yet he has refused to hear any of them.

Let's hope this time it will be different, and we can see a difference in our approach to this war, save some lives, and keep more of our troops from being killed or injured.

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Political Wire - Great Site

From a National prespective, this is one of the best sites for political news, without the spin and leanings from one side or the other. It really states the news, facts and happenings in the political realm from across the Country. If you have not yet visited this site, I would suggest you do yourself a favor.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Barbaro Goodbye Braveheart!

In memory of a valiant warrior.
Barbaro a true hero and inspiration to all.
Rest In Peace....and enjoy the pastures of Rainbow Bridge.

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Katrina - Bush

Today's question: What do President Bush and New Orleans have in common?

Today's answer: Nothing!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Boy Who Became President

George W. Bush, has proven the old saying, any one in America can grow up and become President.

He has also proven without a doubt, that not everyone in America, Should be President of the United States.

Many Presidents have made mistakes in history, none, has made as many serious mistakes as this man, or needlessly cost so many young men and women their lives, or body parts.

The majority of this Country, who normally do not pay a great deal of attention to politics or government, went to the polls in record numbers this past November, and sent a loud, and clear message, stop the war in Iraq, and find a quick, reasonable way out of this mess. For whatever reason, this man, has seen fit to ignore the wishes of the Country and a majority of the Congress, and has embarked on an increase of troops into this cesspool Bush and Cheney have created.

What will it take for this Administration to see what they have created, and begin to look at this war in a realistic way, and care more about what they are doing to these young men and women in uniform, than they care about whatever it is they care about. I for one cannot fathom what they really have in their minds or hearts. As Senator Durbin said, this is delusional.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Surge In Iraq

It is sad for our Republic, that we have such a consitutional crisis, as that which is looming over the proposed troop increase for Iraq. From the worst days in Vietnam, to all the brave men and women who have served with honor in Iraq, our leaders seem to have learned nothing.

President Bush, seems oblivious to the desires, expressed at the polls this past November, of the American people, and will continue to sacrifice more of our young on the altar of failed pollicy in Iraq. It would appear those who disagree with his policies, or lack thereof, are dismissed out of hand, and only those who are able to pay service to his own concept of victory in Iraq, are heeded.

This Administration, has continually marched to its own drummer, most often led by the drum and fife corps for Halliburton and other contractors. It is about time that the young men and women from this Country, which are making, in many cases the ultimate sacrifice, be cared for and positioned to exit Iraq with dignity and security. It would appear that our lack of strategy will contiue to cost us young lives and limbs.

Lip service by the Congress will do no good either. If they cannot take concrete steps to halt this insanity, then they should admit this, and not pursue the culturre of sound bites. The American people may be slow, but thy are not stupid.

November resounded with a strong voice against this war....and it is about time that our elected leaders, actually lead. How many more lifes must be shattered, how many familes in this country must cry before reason and sanity win out. May God bless us all.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Republicans Should Be Ashamed

The national republican party should be ashamed of itself. On the heals of the Department of Homeland Security issuing warnings on terror threats this weekend at football stadiums across this county, they now will run adds trying to scare, once again, the American electorate, to vote for their parties candidates. Frankly, this has convinced me to not vote for a single republican anywhere on the ballot. They should all be held accountable for this trash. We the American voters, deserve better than this, we should show them at the polls. TURN OUT THE REPUBLICANS!!!!!

GOP to Air Ad Warning of Terror Attacks
Oct 19 6:25 PM US/Eastern

Associated Press Writer


The Republican Party will begin airing a hard-hitting ad this weekend that warns of more cataclysmic terror attacks against the U.S. homeland.
The ad portrays Osama bin Laden and quotes his threats against America dating to February 1998. "These are the stakes," the ad concludes. "Vote November 7."

Brian Jones, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said the ad would run on national cable beginning Sunday, but he declined to discuss specifics of the buy.

The commercial tracks with Republican Party strategy to make the war on terrorism a central theme of this election. It will air as recent polls show Republicans losing ground as the party best able to combat terrorism.

Last month, President Bush made the war against terrorism a recurrent topic in public appearances. But his message was drowned out by the e- mail sex scandal involving former Republican Rep. Mark Foley of Florida and by increasing fatalities in Iraq.

The ad displays an array of quotes from bin Laden and his top lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahiri, that include bin Laden's Dec. 26, 2001 vow that "what is yet to come will be even greater."

The ad also cites al-Zawahri's claim to have obtained "some suitcase bombs," followed by a scene that appears to show a nuclear explosion.

Despite al-Zawahri's claim, portable nuclear devices are believed to be particularly difficult to produce, and elusive to rogue regimes and terror groups. "The degree of difficulty goes way up as the size of the device gets smaller," a senior U.S. official said this week, briefing reporters this week on condition of anonymity.

The ad is also featured on the RNC's Web site. The party said the ad, called "The Stakes," will be e-mailed to millions of GOP supporters, activists and the state parties.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq

1o more American soldiers were killed on Tuesday in Iraq, one of the highest totals of the war. How many more lives will be scrafices before our poliltical leaders have the guts to do something different, other than let the Bush Administration continue on this path to nowhere?

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